Client List

 *  =  client approved case available

Greenwich Investment Management, Stamford, CT

Lueken’s Village Foods, Bemidji, MI

Prometheus Research, New Haven, CT

Maryland Association of CPA’s, Towson, MD   *

Osborne Coinage, Cincinnati, OH

Oklahoma Blood Institute, Oklahoma City, OK   *

Indigenous Designs – a founding ‘B’ Corporation, Sebastopol, CA    *

Centerpoint Investment Strategies *

InTicketing – a ‘B’ Corporation, Sebastopol, CA    *

Sonoma County Volunteer Center – The Human Race, Santa Rosa, CA   *

Santa Rosa Auto Parts - NAPA Franchise, Santa Rosa, CA   * 

Sol Solutions, Santa Rosa, CA   **

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

Vinovation, Sebastopol, CA    *

Eric Lofholm Int’l, Rocklin, CA

Z.A.P. Motors, Sebastopol, CA    *

People’s Grocery, Oakland, CA

PaperLex, New York, NY

CPE for State CPA Societies:

Georgia - 9 years, Maryland – 13 years, Michigan – 2, Hawaii – 1, Minnesota – 4 , New Jersey – 4, Louisiana – 3, North Carolina – 2, Colorado – 1 year

Pre A 3.0 clients served with A 3.0 Tools since 2000:

Institute for Lean Systems, Louisville, KY

IBM Services Research, Bentley College, MA

McDonaough, Braungart Design Corporation, Charlottesville, VA

City of Ventura, CA

Mary’s Pizza Shack, Sonoma, CA

Scanlon Network, Kalamazoo, MI

Lean Accounting Network, US

Rapid Refill Inc, Santa Rosa, CA   *

P & L Specialties, Santa Rosa, CA   *

Solar Spring Africa*, Tuscon, AZ


Leadership Santa Barbara County 

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

City of Pasadena Mayor’s Office

Digital Systems, Santa Barbara, CA

National Association for the Southern Poor, Washington, DC

California Bicentennial Foundation for the Constitution of the United States, Glendale, CA

Imagine Productions, Westwood, CA

Valley Industry and Commerce Assn. – Leadership San Fernando Valley

Response Advertising, LA, CA

Original 1986 Mobley Matrix Software buyers:

Dayrunner, Inc., LA, CA

Westform Printing, Glendale, CA

District of Columbia 

Pinchot and Company, New Haven, CT

National Association of Newspaper Publishers, Tyson’s Corner, VA

TSA – A large beltway information systems provider

Chuck Kremer’s Client List for Financial Literacy training using accelerated learning (partial)

Vistage / The Executive Committee



Georgia Pacific

General Electric


Storage Tech

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