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To: Jahn Ballard, Performance Management Institute IPMI) 

From: Andrew Gin, MD

Re: PMI's contribution to the Oklahoma Blood Institute [OBI) mission

I have been privileged to serve on OBI's executive committee since 2007. The timing for my introduction of PMI's solution was auspicious, as it coincided with our CEO, Dr. John Armitage's directive for implementing metrics-driven culture change at 0BI. The association has turned out to be a good match.

0BI's several planning and leadership development initiatives have created significant positive steps in growing the next level of organizational maturity as a whole. The lean manufacturing transformations at the operating level complimented the organizational evolution at the operating level, continuing to give us our best-in-class lead in critical medical services.

Your book Managing by the Numbers [MBT#'s) has been very helpful to me in my MBA-level Health Care Finance course, which I teach at the Meinder's School of Business at Oklahoma City University. As our CFO, Randy Stark, has said, "Sometimes the stars align, as they have with the timing of PMI's solution supporting integration of the varied development initiatives we have undertaken in the Iast few years".

As I sat in to observe the two kaizens you facilitated to launch our 30-person Financial Improvement Team, (F.I.T.) it was very gratifying to hear absolutely none of the usual 'Dilbert-level comments' in the hallway on the breaks, that so often come with the territory of that kind meeting, in both commercial and community benefit organizations.

Progress from the monthly financial improvement huddles we have been doing since July of 2008, has also been good material for me to bring to my class. Because the F.I.T. team all had their own copy of both MBT#'s and Dr. Dean Spitzer's Transforming Performance Measurement, the message that everyone, regardless of reporting level, was key in crafting the measurement system going forward, was soundly reinforced.

Our VP of Finance & Corporate Development's comments to Dr. Spitzer when Dean met with the team during huddle #8, are a good way to characterize part of PMI's contribution - "l think we are the best managed we have ever been in the history of OBI. We are really changing the whole culture, by changing the way we look at how we measure and operate as an organization. We haven't compromised the integrity of the health care and medical side, while going after the business acumen that this company has always needed. Its really commendable how everyone has pitched in and pulled together over the last year."

Given our fiscal challenges when OBI started implementing the PMI solution, when the board heard reports of the more than doubling of both profit and cash reserves 18 months after the huddles launched, I knew that Giant Partner's strategic planning and leadership development, lean manufacturing change initiatives, and information technology conversions had combined well with PMI's tools, self-auditing skill-building and highly effective monthly meeting structure.

All this has been 'just what the doctor ordered' for 0BI to continue on its path of providing the world's highest qualiry blood products. Thanks for adding the PMI contribution. 

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