Indigenous Case Highlight

 “We spent over a decade building a sustainable and equitable supply chain to the standards of our vision for fair trade commerce. When I looked closely at Integral Operations Finance (IOF), I knew it would help us, as it was now was the time for everyone to understand how we are financing what we have built, and measuring financial performance so that we can improve it.  I believe it was Lord Kelvin that said  “To measure is to know. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”  ~ Scott Leonard, CEO and Co-Founder


"And then, hours into this meeting - I wish I had a camera – the entire room just lit up – I could see it – that all of a sudden, everyone understood why they had gone through all these financial and operational diagnostic exercises together."  ~ Jenn Clark, Finance Director

  • 6 consecutive years of profitability after 10 loss years building supply chain
  • Established a common language for key terms that now mean the same thing to everyone
  • Reducing excess inventory progress was supported and improved
  • Created a structured space to educate one another on how they are all connected
  • Increased focus on a few key measures to drive business results
  • Improved staff engagement, understanding and morale
  • Customer retention issues were significantly improved
  • Increased the ease with which operational changes could be tested and implemented
  • Improved communication across functional roles
  • A regular forum was established for problem-seeing and problem-solving
  • Enabled more issues to be addressed concurrently

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