MACPA Case Highlights

“How do we engage our people, train them and get them owning our business strategy, and then drive business execution in the right direction? ...When I looked closely at Integral Operations Finance (IOF), I knew it would help us.” Tom Hood, CEO

MOS Upgrades Installed

Financial Scoreboard Chart of Behaviors

Key Performance Indicators Matrix Decision Team
KPI Invention Kaizen
KPI Impact Team Meetings Performance Management Group Huddles Management Scoreboard Kaizen


  • 4.3% average revenue growth over twelve years in a mature market – Positive Operating Cash Flow average is over $400k/yr for the last twelve years

  • Recognition as one of the most innovative non-profits in the industry

  • Rising member satisfactions scores and the industry leader in the quantity of corporate

members reporting all their eligible employees as active members

“Our team started understanding drivers and linkages, and with that they were making decisions a lot better, all the way down to the receptionist.’

“We love the way this is both giving us complete oversight of the improvement process while also having an increasing flow of team tacit job knowledge, and newly discovered organizational knowledge coming towards us consistently.”

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