NAPA Case One Page Overview 

A NAPA Auto Parts Distributor used PMI’s operations finance toolkit as a core engagement and participation mechanism for generating self-managing leadership – creating an entire team with acute business acumen.


The Situation and the 1st Deliverable: For over a decade, the company had been experiencing swings of profit and cash flow in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. In less than 4 total days over a two-month period, a senior leadership group was able to pinpoint a pivotal issue, and begin to create immediate and significant positive change in financial performance by doing spot inventory counts of high volume and cost items. 

Results: “As I mentioned, when I printed out the monthly dollar trends for our 6th huddle, I was amazed to see that the impacts of our operations finance practices were already significant. Although we had only began this in November, we had already seen enough results to return our investment in PMI thus far. Now that we were beginning to benchmark the key indicators, I was confident we could create the multiples that PMI said we could expect, and I was understandably gratified they actually occurred so much faster than we expected.”  – CFO

“After trying to solve every issue at once, we finally had clarity on which one to focus on first to get the most impact, and then where to go next” – Purchasing Manager

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