Pro Forma Magic Story


I have never seen it before, a business plan competition presentation of financials in the many hundreds I have judged, where I did not have any questions"  Intel Capital rep at the International Business Plan Competition (BPC), where the Watel Solutions pitch used the Financial Dashboard, won both 3rd place and People's Choice awards out of dozens of global teams.

A PMI client retained us to work with a group of students to whom he had given the market rights for Africa for a derivative technology called the Solar Spring - a solar panel powered, high-performance de-humidifier that could suck up to 40 gallons of potable water a day out of the air. The Watel Solutions team had won $25k at the Southwestern Regional BPC, and was coming to Berkeley's Haas School of Business to compete against teams from all over the world that had won in competitions with thousands of total submissions.


"It was fascinating to watch the judge's faces as each one realized that they actually had no questions. There was this loud silence, and then the chair said, “looks good”, let's move on to the next section."  Usaju Lemiso - Solar Spring team member presenting the financial portion of the slide deck.

 The team first ran the #’s in the Financial Scoreboard several times until all the drivers, the material assumptions and the cash lined up. Then they put the refined pro formas in the Financial Dashboard on the left.

The Three Bottom Line Performance  (TM) analysis revealed more options for refinement. After several more iterations, they settled on the scenario on the right as their most optimal and defensible. In less than 4 minutes, Usaju showed a revenue projection bar graph, then explained the Dashboard slide with a focus on a few material assumptions behind turnovers, asset turnover and return on sales.


“We would like to express our gratitude for all the help you and your team offered in preparing us for the competition at Berkeley. The dash board was a brilliant and powerful tool in presenting our financials.”

 – Usaji Lemiso

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