Financial Systems Assessment

Financial Systems Assessment 

(for companies using QuickBooks)

For Integration with PMI’s Financial Scoreboard

Benefits of this Assessmment:

  • Your will know how to make your company’s financials ready for straight-forward and accurate entry into PMI’s Financial Scoreboard.
  • You will then be able to track historical and forward-looking trends for financial decision-making with PMI’s Financial Scoreboard.

Scope of Work:

Receiving the QuickBooks financials.

  • This will be carried out by out by a QuickBooks Pro Advisor who will schedule a time and set up a tool for electronic delivery.

Overview and examination of the financials.

  • Conducted by a CPA who is highly experienced in determining how to structure financials for accurate integration into the Financial Scoreboard. During this process, questions will be developed for the client interview.

Client interview:

  • The purpose of the interview is to gather specific information about the company financials. The conversation focuses on how the company functions so there is a clear understanding of how to best structure the financials for entry into the Financial Scoreboard.  This is an important step that insures that the Scoreboard is accurate while also being well-organized for effective decision-making by the management team.  
  • Action Steps and Recommendations:
  • Based on the interview, the CPA will prepare a written overview to be used by management and/or support staff to implement the actions and recommendations.  


An overview of Action Steps and Recommendations.  This will allow implementation so the financials can be accurately entered, and used in PMI’s Financial Scoreboard.

  • Typical action steps include preparing journal entries to be entered, merging or combining accounts, renaming accounts and reorganizing accounts.  Often, the Statement of Cash Flows needs to be set up properly.  
  • Recommendations typically relate to redesigning the financial statements, rethinking operations in ways that produce more insightful financials, and suggesting how the financials can be more effectively used by the all players on the team as well as the management team.  
  • Suggestions for re-tooling the financials, such as exporting to Excel or using the QuickBooks Financial Statement Designer, will also be made.  
  • A separate agreement can be written if you would like Accounting for Success to perform services outside of this assessment, such as editing the chart of accounts, making journal entries, redesigning the financials, etc. 

Investment:  $1500, payable by credit card, half on launch, and balance upon completed delivery

To optimize the operating value of your financial statements call Libby Smith at Accounting for Success  303 799-9111. 

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